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Research Articles(Plant related)

  • Grossmann K, Niggeweg R, Christiansen N, Looser R, Ehrhardt T (2010) The herbicide Saflufenacil (Kixor™) is a new inhibitor of protoporphyrinogen IX oxidase activity. Weed Sci 58: 1-9.

  • Usadel B, Bläsing OE, Gibon Y, Porée F, Höhne M, Günter M, Trethewey R, Kamlage B, Poorter H, Stitt M (2008) Multilevel genomic analysis of the response of transcripts, enzyme activities and metabolites in Arabidopsis rosettes to a progressive decrease of temperature in the non-freezing range. Plant Cell Environ 31: 518-547.

  • Osuna D, Usadel B, Morcuende R, Gibon Y, Blasing OE, Höhne M, Günter M, Kamlage B, Trethewey R, Scheible WR, Stitt M (2007) Temporal responses of transcripts, enzyme activities and metabolites after adding sucrose to carbon-deprived Arabidopsis seedlings. Plant J 49: 463-491.

  • Gibon Y, Usadel B, Blaesing OE, Kamlage B, Höhne M, Trethewey R, Stitt M (2006) Integration of metabolite with transcript and enzyme activity profiling during diurnal cycles in Arabidopsis rosettes. Genome Biol 7: R76.

  • Krotzky AJ, Zeeh B (2005) Immunoassays for residue analysis of agrochemicals: proposed guidelines for precision, standardization and quality control. Pure Appl Chem 67(12): 2065-2088.

  • Looser R, Krotzky AJ, Trethewey RN (2005) Metabolite profiling with GC-MS and LC-MS - A key tool for contemporary biology. In: Vaidyanathan S, Harrigan GG, Goodacre R, (eds), Metabolome analyses - Strategies for systems biology. Springer, New York: 103-118.

  • Fiehn O, Kopka J, Dörmann P, Altmann T, Trethewey RN, Willmitzer L (2000) Metabolic profiling for plant functional genomics. Nature Biotech 18: 1157-1161.

  • Roessner U, Wagner C, Kopka J, Trethewey RN, Willmitzer, L (2000) Simultaneous analysis of metabolites in potato tuber by gas chromatography – mass spectrometry. Plant J 23: 131-142.

Research Articles(Human/Animal related)

  • Van Ravenzwaay B, Cunha GCP, Strauss V, Wiemer J, Leibold E, Kamp H, Walk T, Mellert W, Looser R, Prokoudine A, Fabian E, Krennrich G, Herold M (2010) The individual and combined metabolite profiles (metabolomics) of dibutylphthalate and di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate following a 28-day dietary exposure in rats. Tox Lett 198: 159-170.

  • Van Ravenzwaay B, Cunha GCP, Fabian E, Herold M, Kamp H, Krennrich G, Krotzky AJ, Leibold E, Looser R, Mellert W, Prokoudine A, Strauss V, Trethewey R, Walk T, Wiemer J (2010) The use of metabolomics in cancer research. In: Cho WCS (ed.), An Omics Perspective on Cancer Research, Springer, New York: 141-166.

  • Mutch DM, Fuhrmann JC, Rein D, Wiemer JC, Bouillot JL, Poitou C, Clément K (2009) Metabolite profiling identifies candidate markers reflecting the clinical adaptations associated with Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. PLoS ONE 4(11): e7905.

  • Haufe S, Engeli S, Budziarek P, Utz W, Schulz-Menger J, Hermsdorf M, Wiesner S, Otto C, Fuhrmann JC, Luft FC, Boschmann M, Jordan J (2009) Determinants of exercise-induced fat oxidation in obese women and men. Horm Metab Res 42: 215-221.

  • Martin FPJ, Rezzi S, Peré-Trepat E, Kamlage B, Collino S, Leibold E, Kastler J, Rein D, Fay LB, Kochhar S (2009) Metabolic effects of dark chocolate consumption on energy, gut microbiota, and stress-related metabolism in free-living subjects. J Proteome Res 8: 5568-5579.

  • Strauss V, Wiemer J, Leibold E, Kamp H, Walk T, Mellert W, Looser R, Prokoudine A, Fabian E, Krennrich G, Herold M, Van Ravenzwaay B (2009) Influence of strain and sex on the metabolic profile of rats in repeated dose toxicological studies. Tox Lett 191: 88-95.

  • Van Ravenzwaay B, Cunha GCP, Leibold E, Looser R, Mellert W, Prokoudine A, Walk T, Wiemer J (2007) The use of metabolomics for the discovery of new biomarkers of effect. Tox Lett 172: 21-28.

Review Articles

  • Trethewey RN (2006) Plant metabolite profiling for industrial applications. In: Saito K, Dixon RA, Willmitzer L (eds.), Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry 57: Plant Metabolomics, Springer, Berlin: 327-339.

  • Trethewey RN (2004) Metabolite profiling as an aid to metabolic engineering in plants. Curr Opin Plant Biol 7: 196-201.

  • Fernie AR, Trethewey RN, Krotzky AJ, Willmitzer L (2004) Metabolite profiling: from diagnostics to systems biology. Nature Rev Mol Cell Biol 5: 1-7.

  • Bino RL,Hall RD, Fiehn O, Kopka J, Saito K, Draper J, Nikolau BJ, Mendes P, Roessner-Tunali U, Beale MH, Trethewey RN, Lange BM, Wurtele ES, Sumner LW (2004) Potential of metabolomics as a functional genomics tool. Trends Plant Sci 9(9): 419-425.

  • Trethewey RN (2002) Metabolite Profiling: From Metabolic Engineering to Functional Genomics. In: Romeo JT, Dixon RA (eds.), Recent Advances in Phytochemistry 36, Elsevier, Amsterdam: 63-80.

  • Trethewey RN (2001) Gene discovery through metabolic analysis. Curr Opin Biotech 12: 135-138.

  • Trethewey RN, Krotzky AJ, Willmitzer L (1999) Metabolic profiling: a rosetta stone for genomics? Curr Opin Plant Biol 2: 83-85.


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  • Working Weeds: A German company develops a way to peek into plant metabolism
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  • Arno Krotzky (2002) Neue Wege in der modernen grünen Biotechnologie
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  • Krotzky AJ, Busch K, Looser R (2001) Mit metabolischer Genomforschung direkt vom Gen zur Funktion. Biospektrum 7(3): 245-246

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