Plant Biotechnology

From the foundation of the company, metanomics has successfully driven several genome-wide projects in parallel for the discovery and validation of novel high value lead genes.

Metanomics has produced a very large and high quality collection of Arabidopsis thaliana (over)expressing single heterologous genes with several independent transgenic lines per gene. As a world “first”, metanomics has individually expressed in Arabidopsis a complete eukaryotic and a complete prokaroytic genome. In addition, several thousand genes from various bacterial and eukaryotic sources have been individually cloned and transformed into Arabidopsis. Furthermore, metanomics has produced a complete knockout population of exceptional quality in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Both, the overexpressor- and the T-DNA- population are analyzed in phenotypic screens to identify lead genes which improve agronomically relevant traits. Furthermore, both populations have been analyzed for alterations of commercially valuable plant metabolites. These research projects have already delivered and validated a significant number of high value lead genes for plant metabolite modification, tolerance to environmental stresses and other agronomic traits. In addition a wealth of information has been generated on metabolic markers for specific plant conditions as well as on metabolic network interactions. The latter is highly valuable information for metabolic engineering approaches.

In cooperation with partners within and outside BASF a broad range of crops and have been analysed metabolically for mode of action analyses and to identify metabolic biomarkers for accelerated breeding. The developed methods cover a wide range of matrices (different plant and non-plant material). The method portfolio increases continuously and methods are optimized for specific requirements.

Metabolite profiling (metabolomics) is the determination of metabolite changes in a given biological sample. metanomics decided 2003 to transfer this approach also to plasma samples of rats. In cooperation with BASF methods were developed to create reproducible and comparable metabolite profiles of rat plasma.
Since then a large number of metabolite profiles of plasma samples of rats exposed to different chemicals with known toxicity were gained.
With the aid of metanomics MetaMap®Tox customers are able to search, visualize or statistically analyze these data via the webbrowser interface.
For the understanding, identification and assignment of toxicological mode of actions MetaMap®Tox proof of great significance for our customers.