Service and Products Overview

Metabolite profiling and systems analysis
metanomics offers its leading bioanalytics and bioinformatics technology platform in cooperation projects for a wide range of applications and biological samples. Range of vision, precision and capacity are unparalleled in the industry.

metanomics offers
  • Sample extraction, metabolite profiling and data validation
  • Data analysis using a range of statistical methods, including univariate and multivariate techniques
  • Data integration and interpretation with e.g. expression profiling and phenotypic data
  • Data visualization in biological pathways
  • Identification of simple and complex biomarkers

Suitable applications include
  • Metabolic lead gene discovery
  • Mode of action studies
  • Metabolic biomarker discovery and applications for accelerated breeding

metanomics has an expertise based on more than 600.000 broad range metabolome analyses from a wide range of matrices.

Currently, metanomics has several successful collaborations with partners in industry, academic institutions and (bio-)informatics companies.