Metabolite profiling, now often called “metabolomics”, was first used successfully over 30 years ago for selected diagnostic applications. Metabolite profiling, now based on a significantly wider coverage of metabolic compounds, has been recently rediscovered as the tool of choice for a wide range of high value, precise and fast diagnostic applications as well as for discovery in the pharmaceutical and nutritional fields. Metabolite profiling is truely “taking off”. Broad metabolic coverage, the possibility to discover novel metabolic markers as well as the potential to monitor highly complex metabolic networks has been made possible by breakthroughs in modern analytic technologies. It has been driven by quantum leaps in computing and bioinformatics, embracing data validation, data processing, data clustering and data integration. Bioinformatics allows the reliable interpretation of complex metabolic patterns and novel markers can be identified fast and with high precision. Recent technology developments also enable metabolite profiling in exceptionally high throughput without loss of precision and reliability – if applied with care and expertise.

State of the art Metabolite profiling allows a multitude of applications in plant biotechnology, nutrition research, supports all steps of drug development and is a key technology for medical diagnostics and marker development.

Investigating the highly complex network of metabolism in humans, plant and micro-organisms opens the door to the 4th dimension, the true functional level, of life. It adds a wealth of important and mission critical information, facilitating the creation of novel business value and speeding up research and development processes. However, the complexity of metabolism is a challenge which has to be mastered to obtain the full benefit. Many of the technical systems and processes required for complex Metabolite profiling have been pioneered by metanomics – founding its international acclaim.